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iBlogging… WordPress + iPhone

I decided it was time to get my personal blog up finally, but I have to choose a CMS to work with. Most of my sites I build using Joomla 1.5, but I wanted a simpler system for my blog.

After looking at and comparing many including Drupal, b2evolution, and Nucleus, one feature immediately caught my eye on the WordPress site- iPhone App!

I just bought an iPhone 3G with Rogers and this naturally I'm on the lookout for cool stuff like that. After a quick script install using Fantastico (because I'm lazy) and a username and password here and there, I am officially writing my first blog post on my iPhone!

So far the app works better than I had honestly expected, but you really begin to miss those things we take for granted on a computer, things like copy and pasting!

If you run WordPress as your blog and own an iPhone, be sure to check out the app. I would add a link to it for you, but first I need to figure out how!