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How to make text readable on bright PS3 themes

Seemed like almost every theme I would download to my PS3 had way too bright a wallpaper which would cause the text from navigation options hard to read if it was white-on-white, so I would end up going back to the original colored monthly wallpaper.

Turns out though, you can actually lower the brightness of the wallpaper making it MUCH easier to read text on most themes. This is a great plus I find since Sony just recently finally introduced the moderately decent looking premium themes.

If you want to change the brightness on yours to see what I mean, go to Settings -> Theme Settings -> Background -> Brightness.

As I mentioned earlier, I didn't notice this until update 2.50 so I couldn't tell you when it appeared for sure. Actually, it has probably always been there it jus took me this long to notice it...

On a side note, just got my access to the Resistance 2 beta so I'll update on that once it's downloaded, assuming there is no pesky NDA attached!