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Shark Fining in Costa Rica continues and there’s nobody to stop it…

A couple weeks ago, Costa Rica was in the news after Gordon Ramsey, the TV host for Hell's Kitchen, was held at gunpoint and doused in gas as a warning to stop sticking his nose into the shark fining issue in Puntarenas.  A few days later, a local Tico environmentalist received the same treatment and both events were covered in The Tico Times.

The mini documentary Gordon was filming has since been released (and subsecuentely of course landed on YouTube), titled Gordon Ramsey's Shark Bait.  Although there is no footage of him and his crew being attacked in Puntarenas, the documentary does provide a decent rundown of what shark fining is and how inhumane and irresponsible it is - and does include lots of footage of the shark fining situation in Costa Rica.

If you are interested in knowing more, watch the movie Sharkwater - an excellent 2005 documentary which uncovered a whole lot about shark fining in Costa Rican waters and the Galapagos, and you can read Capt. Paul Watson's recent commentary on Sharks, Drugs, Lies, and Corruption in Costa Rica.

That said - here's the show in four parts (make sure you click read more if you are reading this from the front page!). Please post this to Facebook or share the link with your friends to spread the information!