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360 Degree Panoramic Photos from an iPhone 4

I can't even remember how exactly, but I ran into this app for iPhones that creates some pretty amazing 360 degree panoramas called... 360 Panorama...  It makes it really easy to take a panoramic photo - all you do is hit the shutter once, and the gyro sensors in the iPhone determine the positioning of the photos that are automatically taken and stitched together as you pan the camera around your scene.  The photos are of course then geotagged, and they can be uploaded to developer Occipital's website where they are shown on a map as a kind of panorama photo feed.

Check out the panorama I took from the rocks in Punta Mala, Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica:


iBlogging… WordPress + iPhone

I decided it was time to get my personal blog up finally, but I have to choose a CMS to work with. Most of my sites I build using Joomla 1.5, but I wanted a simpler system for my blog.

After looking at and comparing many including Drupal, b2evolution, and Nucleus, one feature immediately caught my eye on the WordPress site- iPhone App!

I just bought an iPhone 3G with Rogers and this naturally I'm on the lookout for cool stuff like that. After a quick script install using Fantastico (because I'm lazy) and a username and password here and there, I am officially writing my first blog post on my iPhone!

So far the app works better than I had honestly expected, but you really begin to miss those things we take for granted on a computer, things like copy and pasting!

If you run WordPress as your blog and own an iPhone, be sure to check out the app. I would add a link to it for you, but first I need to figure out how!