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The BIG E3 is returning for 2009! Booth babes too?

Back in the day I used to run a fairly successful, albeit small gaming site, my partners and I always had a dream of attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) at the Los Angeles Convention Centre...  We even had the oportunity to get free press tickets in 2006 but couldn't afford to go.  We planned to go the next year, but that came to a halt that same year with the announcement after the show that E3 2007 was going to be downsized to an invite-only, industry gathering with no more than about five-thousand people.  Of course, that meant the chances of getting tickets was slim to none.

The theory for the downsize, was that publishers were getting concerned that E3 was starting to cost more than it was worth, with newer, bigger, and more elaborate, display booths appearing every year.  The idea was that by restricting the show to press only and limiting displays to presentations and smaller gatherings, companies would not be inclined to out-display each other and blowing their budget in the process.

So far it seems, the theory was flawed.  This past 2008 E3 show was considered the worst so far by industry and press alike.

Monday night, X-Play on G4 TV revealed the first hints that the ESA (the entity that organizes the E3) is planning on bringing back the original, large scale E3 for 2009. According to the X-Play, E3 2009 will be taking place between June 2nd and June 4th, 2009 back at the LA Convention Centre, and is expected to increase the attendance cap into the tens of thousands.

What I'm still interested in, is what changes they will actually make to the show. Will the elaborate booths come back? What about the infamous booth babes? And, although it will still be considered an industry-only event... how the hell do I get a ticket? In the past, a guest ticket cost about $500 to get in.

Although lots more has been rumored through many other sources, I'm going to refrain from mentioning them because they all seem to contradict each other.

There is supposed to be an official announcement from the ESA today regarding the details for E3 2009, but all we can do is wait patiently like everyone else.  I would have tried to find out more, but looking around the web big names have called and only gotten the generic "we will comment on the rumors soon" reply.

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