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SAIL – From the inside of an A320 with Avianca

Ever wonder what it's like to see the world from the cockpit of an Airbus A320?  Some of Avianca's pilots created an amazing video using GoPro's mounted from inside during flight around the likes of Rio de Janeiro, Bogotá and Sao Paulo.  They make it look way too easy...

Definitely recommend watching full screen in HD!


The Pioneer DJM-900nexus Official Introduction Video

I haven't even watched this video myself yet, just saw that they put it up finally, and as of writing this has had a whopping 23 views so far...  Check it out it's Pioneer's DJM-900nexus official introduction and unveiling video:

* Update: I have to say, this is why Pioneer can continue to officially call itself the *club standard* gear....  *gasp*!  The Pioneer DJM-900nexus is basically the final part that was missing between two CDJ-2000s - it's essentially a revamped DJM-800 with software controls and an integrated audio card, plus the ability to communicate directly with the CDJ-2000s and get information like the playing track's BPM so that when you play an effect it will stay in sync even if you change the tempo.  Wicked... wicked mixer...


Flukiest Modern Warfare 2 Knife Kill Ever!

It's one thing to randomly chuck a grenade for a splash damage kill or two in an online match, but quite another to end the round this way, check it out: