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When is it our turn to see this?

Here's something I'm really hoping I will get to see with my own eyes in my lifetime...  -  If you think about it, it's one of those final barriers which most people aren't going to be able to pass - you can travel the surface of the planet, you can fly through the sky, you can scuba dive a hundred feet under water, and you could even go cave exploring inside the earth - but who can say they have seen this view?

With the exponential rate at which technology is currently advancing- I think it's entirely possible in the next few dozen years people will be able to take a quick trip around earth for a (relatively) reasonable price... a price I'd gladly pay.  I know for $200,000 or so you can take a quick trip into space - but that's not quite the same yet...

As a somewhat related side note - any guesses how soon it will be before we develop faster than light drives?  I mean - if the neutrinos have truly been clocked at faster than light, than FTL travel must be possible right?

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