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360 Degree Panoramic Photos from an iPhone 4

I can't even remember how exactly, but I ran into this app for iPhones that creates some pretty amazing 360 degree panoramas called... 360 Panorama...  It makes it really easy to take a panoramic photo - all you do is hit the shutter once, and the gyro sensors in the iPhone determine the positioning of the photos that are automatically taken and stitched together as you pan the camera around your scene.  The photos are of course then geotagged, and they can be uploaded to developer Occipital's website where they are shown on a map as a kind of panorama photo feed.

Check out the panorama I took from the rocks in Punta Mala, Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica:


New Small Business Tools Site

I wanted to take a couple seconds to share my new web project I'm working on.  It's a new resource site for small businesses so they can find useful tools and services online that can help them streamline and expand their business.  It could be considered a new generation of my internet fax to email guide but with more features and definitely more content.  I've called it the eBizToolkit - and so far it covers Business VoIP Phone, Electronic Signatures, Email Marketing (Newsletters), and of course, Internet Fax.  Check it out, I've spent lots of time on this one!