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Pioneer’s new DDJ-S1 Serato hardware DJ controller… niiiiice.

Pioneer DDJ-S1 Serato Hardware Controller

Pioneer DDJ-S1 Serato Hardware Controller

I wasn't expecting this...  Pioneer just released the info on their new Serato and Traktor hardware controllers.  Why am I suprised?  Because in the past Pioneer has always said they weren't going to be jumping on the hardware controller bandwagon like the rest of the manufacturers.  But with the relative success of controllers from other manufacturers, I guess it was only a matter of time.

While I couldn't find any real hands on videos, I did find Pioneer's official introduction video, which you can check out below.  I'm not a fan of Traktor, since I got used to Serato Scratch Live with my two CDJ-800's patched through an SL-1 box, so I really didn't look much into the DDJ-T1 - the Traktor version.  The DDJ-S1 also uses Serato ITCH instead of SSL, which I don't yet know what the difference is (maybe I'll post once I find out...).  Otherwise, the system seems to provide all of the same features as what my current coffin offers, with a few apparent drawbacks...

First off, after viewing the video, it all seems really small.  I guess this makes for a great portable setup, but it's only 27-ish inches wide.  Compare that to my coffin which has wheels and is about four feet long, it looks like it might be a little cramped.  The other thing that worries me is the limited number of conection options available.  It at least does have balanced XLR and RCA outputs, but there seems to be only one RCA Aux input, which I don't think can be assigned to a channel, two microphone inputs, and the two headphone jacks on the front (interestingly enough, it has a 1/8" jack as well as the standard 1/4").  There is also a glaring omission of a Booth volume output, which in my opinion should be pretty standard fare on any live mixer since you almost always need a monitor of some sort and it's nice to be able to control the volume right from the mixer.

Because of that - I would say Pioneer is trying to target either the mobile DJ that wants an extremely portable system (ie, your night fits in the truck of the car, with room for a six pack), and the bedroom DJ (like me!).  I can't see it being used in a real club environment or a professional mobile DJ with the truck-space to spare...  It's supposed to hit stores for around $1500 USD in three to four months and if I had that on hand I'd probably be ordering one 🙂

Here's the official info site on Pioneer's site: Pioneer DDJ-S1.

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