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Can’t find your cellphone? will!

I'm great at putting things down and forgetting where I left it the next second... like my cellphone.

Today I lost it, and had a traumatizing image of my phone sitting in the jeans I just put in the washer... For a second I thought I'd go check the washer... but realized that would only make a mess (it's a building coin-op) and decided I'd take a leap of faith and just assume it was somewhere dry. I don't have a landline (or friends I could call obviously) to make it ring, so I figured... there must be someway to do it on the internet!

So, I Googled call my cellphone and was the first result. Clicked the link, typed in my phone number (only woks with +1 country codes, ie, North America), and two seconds later I hear my annoying ringtone that my girlfriend set for me coming from the other room.

Hopefully I won't be getting any marketing calls now...